Tuesday, 5 October 2010


I've just started creating a shop filled with handmade gifts and arts on an amazing sit called Folksy. I stumbled through post after post about promotion, use of social networking etc. It was all great advice but don't feel as if it works for me. Personally social networking sites to me are quite tedious when used for business, perhaps its because I have no clue how to do it correctly but I don't like it.

I was struggling to create ideas for promoting my folksy business, being new I needed to get my foot into that door of which was coming closer with every tiny and slightly annoying effort I made. It then hit me. I'm strapped for cash and so are some other folksy sellers so I offered my large business pack for £0.00 totally out of the blue and sat back to wait for any interest. Fortuanetly there were people that could not fit design into there crafting budget so I thought i'd help and do my good deed for the day.

I have now done 2 of the 7 orders that were made and its giving me the happiest feeling at the moment. Unfortuantely though, I don't think I'm able to offer this service through folksy anymore. I'm a bit saddened because I could keep up with demand *for a while* :) but I totally understand why. For these reasons I will be offering this service on my blog for 5 people every month. This way I provide those with want they need and I stay happy.

It will work as a lucky dip/raffle type of thing... everyone who wants to participate in the package draw then just leave a comment, follow my blogger and twitter... (twitter badge in sidebar) and just promote my shop to others about my items etc. I feel abit cheeky asking this from you all but I guess its I scratch your back you scratch mine. Not that i'd ever think about randomly scratching someones back.

Is that a deal. Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think. Remember to follow me ;) & promote. Now my happy, generous, good tidings offer rant is over I can go back to sleep. I keep waking up :O (Maybe i'm excited, this folksy thing is very addictive)

From, IllustrateMe... Good tidings all (only a few months early)

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  1. I have commented on Folksy about this too, it's a fantastic idea and I will try and promote you as much as I can :)