Friday, 8 October 2010

Early Morning Post

Not really sure what I'm about to write, up and about at half five in the morning 'tut'... No one point any fingers otherwise you'll have no virtual cake allowance ;) Anyway as you can see I've finally gotten round to designing my blog *claps* to tie in with my new folksy shop appearance, still got a bit to do but I'm slowly getting there. Maybe after I've had some caffeine I'll be okay.

I liked my like yellow design but it felt abit to empty and boring so I choose to do this, love the fonts used, maybe I should go into the business of making medieval head dresses etc, not sure if there is any money in it but it might crack a few smiles when it comes to modeling them. So yeah seeing as I'm relatively new I thought I might as well change it quick then wait and I am very pleased with the results *gawps at beige and cream colours for a substantial amount of time, resulting in square eyes*
What do you people think? Leave a little comment below in that box down there... if you lost your virtual cake by pointing fingers then you can redeem yourself her. See, there's an illogical method in my madness.

Got loads of work ahead of me for some amazing folksy people, smiles & waves at them. If anyone wants some graphic design at affordable cost then let me know or just message me if you want a chat. I'm getting a bit weary of posting in the forums now as I don't want to 'plug' my services, can anyone help me break that habit? I would give you a life supply of virtual chocolate or wine, you decide.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Discount Graphic Design For Crafters

As some of you will know, I hold a draw a month for 5 lucky people to win a large business package for their shop all free of charge. I have now decided to offer a range discount graphic design packages for crafters who have limited budgets, something I think alot of us suffer from that at the moment.

I feel this will open up an array of oppurtunity for new and old sellers alike who want some love and care put into their shop for very resonable prices.
Here are the package details:
  • Folksy Avatar - £1.00
  • Folksy Banner Design - £3.00
  • Business Card Design - £2.00
  • Gift Tag Design - £2.00
  • Banner & Avatar Package - £3.50 (Saving of 50p)
  • Label Design - £2.50
  • Profile Writeup including html - £2.00
  • Blogger Avatar & Banner - £3.50
  • Large Business Package - £15.00
 Please let me know if you'd be interested in this discount design listings on my folksy shop (IllustrateMe)
I'm very enthusiastic about helping out my fellow crafters in a way that I can easily.
I can get the work done within 2 days but if there is high demand please expect a slightly longer waiting time, unfortuantely the NHS aren't offering octopus arm transplants at the moment, but when they do my workflow will probably be even faster.

Thanks, hoping for a long and happy venture on folksy, now I can help other crafters like me.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010


I've just started creating a shop filled with handmade gifts and arts on an amazing sit called Folksy. I stumbled through post after post about promotion, use of social networking etc. It was all great advice but don't feel as if it works for me. Personally social networking sites to me are quite tedious when used for business, perhaps its because I have no clue how to do it correctly but I don't like it.

I was struggling to create ideas for promoting my folksy business, being new I needed to get my foot into that door of which was coming closer with every tiny and slightly annoying effort I made. It then hit me. I'm strapped for cash and so are some other folksy sellers so I offered my large business pack for £0.00 totally out of the blue and sat back to wait for any interest. Fortuanetly there were people that could not fit design into there crafting budget so I thought i'd help and do my good deed for the day.

I have now done 2 of the 7 orders that were made and its giving me the happiest feeling at the moment. Unfortuantely though, I don't think I'm able to offer this service through folksy anymore. I'm a bit saddened because I could keep up with demand *for a while* :) but I totally understand why. For these reasons I will be offering this service on my blog for 5 people every month. This way I provide those with want they need and I stay happy.

It will work as a lucky dip/raffle type of thing... everyone who wants to participate in the package draw then just leave a comment, follow my blogger and twitter... (twitter badge in sidebar) and just promote my shop to others about my items etc. I feel abit cheeky asking this from you all but I guess its I scratch your back you scratch mine. Not that i'd ever think about randomly scratching someones back.

Is that a deal. Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think. Remember to follow me ;) & promote. Now my happy, generous, good tidings offer rant is over I can go back to sleep. I keep waking up :O (Maybe i'm excited, this folksy thing is very addictive)

From, IllustrateMe... Good tidings all (only a few months early)