Friday, 8 October 2010

Early Morning Post

Not really sure what I'm about to write, up and about at half five in the morning 'tut'... No one point any fingers otherwise you'll have no virtual cake allowance ;) Anyway as you can see I've finally gotten round to designing my blog *claps* to tie in with my new folksy shop appearance, still got a bit to do but I'm slowly getting there. Maybe after I've had some caffeine I'll be okay.

I liked my like yellow design but it felt abit to empty and boring so I choose to do this, love the fonts used, maybe I should go into the business of making medieval head dresses etc, not sure if there is any money in it but it might crack a few smiles when it comes to modeling them. So yeah seeing as I'm relatively new I thought I might as well change it quick then wait and I am very pleased with the results *gawps at beige and cream colours for a substantial amount of time, resulting in square eyes*
What do you people think? Leave a little comment below in that box down there... if you lost your virtual cake by pointing fingers then you can redeem yourself her. See, there's an illogical method in my madness.

Got loads of work ahead of me for some amazing folksy people, smiles & waves at them. If anyone wants some graphic design at affordable cost then let me know or just message me if you want a chat. I'm getting a bit weary of posting in the forums now as I don't want to 'plug' my services, can anyone help me break that habit? I would give you a life supply of virtual chocolate or wine, you decide.

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